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Produced by Kaiqi, Safe and Worry free. Here's the "four major checkpoints"


In the cultural and tourism market, playground equipment is unique in terms of entertainment and interactivity which is deeply loved by parents and children. However, as the variety of products varies with the increasing interruption, safety issues with some playground equipment are gradually emerging, leading to widely concerned by society. Kaiqi Group - the maker of industry standards, with the requirements of industry benchmarks lead the healthy development of the industry. As a new industry safety standard pole, Kaiqi Group always embodies craftsmanship and strives to create the best product choice with dedication.

Produced by Kaiqi, safe and worry free. As a leading enterprise in China's unpowered amusement equipment and a national high-tech enterprise, Kaiqi has led the drafting and formulation of the "National Safety Standard for Unpowered Amusement Equipment" in collaboration with multiple outstanding enterprises. And established the "Comprehensive Standardization Research Base for Children's Soft contained Indoor Playground Equipment in the Chinese Amusement Industry" and the "China Kaiqi Preschool Education Research Center", always putting product safety first and strictly controlling the "four major" aspects of products (materials, technology, craftsmanship, and operation). The group has advanced production technology and strict quality management system to ensure that every amusement device

All equipment complies with national standards and industry norms.

In terms of material selection, we adhere to high-quality environmental protection. Guided by the concept of sustainable development, Kaiqi Group focuses on environmental protection. In terms of material selection, Kaiqi Group strictly adheres to national standards and industry indicators, insists on using high-quality and environmentally friendly safety materials, and ensures the durability and safety of equipment.


In terms of technological innovation, we adhere to intelligent upgrading. With the Internet of Things, big data

With the rapid development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, play equipment is also gradually achieving

intelligent upgrades. By introducing intelligent systems, Kaiqi Group gradually realizes functions such as automated control, intelligent monitoring, and early warning, improving the operational safety of equipment. By using environmentally friendly materials, optimizing equipment structure, developing energy-saving technologies, and improving energy utilization efficiency, we aim to reduce the negative impact of equipment on the environment and achieve safe and green development.


In terms of technological innovation, we adhere to the pursuit of excellence. Kaiqi Group focuses on the anti-slip, collision and other performance of materials to cope with various unexpected situations. In terms of process design, Kaiqi Group's playground equipment adopts a stable framework and reasonable layout, ensuring that the equipment can maintain stability under various forces. In addition, the group has particularly strengthened the level index requirements and safety performance testing for load-bearing capacity and wind resistance in equipment technology to cope with adverse factors such as adverse weather.



In terms of operational management, we adhere to the principle of safety first. Besides the safety of the product itself

In addition to performance, Kaiqi Group also focuses on providing customers with comprehensive security operation solutions.

The group has a professional security operation team that can provide customers with one-stop services such as equipment installation, debugging, and maintenance. At the same time, the group also regularly conducts safety training activities to help customers improve their safety awareness and master the correct operating methods.


It is precisely with these advantages that Kaiqi Group's play equipment has won widespread recognition and praise in the market. Many customers have expressed that Kaiqi Group's products not only have a beautiful appearance and rich functions, but more importantly, they are safe and reliable, allowing them to play with peace of mind for children. In this era where safety are increasingly valued, choosing the products of Kaiqi Group is undoubtedly a wise move. We believe that in the future development, Kaiqi Group will continue to adhere to the concept of "Kaiqi produces, safe and worry free", and bring a safe and enjoyable gaming experience to more consumers.

Concept Of Playground Equipment

On December 30, 2011, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China and China National Standardization Administration jointly issued the national standard GB / t27689 2011 children's Playground equipment, which has been officially implemented since June 1, 2012.
Since then, China has ended the history of no national standards for playground equipment, and officially determined the name and definition of playground equipment at the national level for the first time.
The playground equipment means the equipment for kids 3-14 years old to play without power by electric, hydraulic or pneumatic device, they are composed of functional parts like climber, slide, crawl tunnel, ladders and swing and fasteners. 
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