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standardized playground equipment library


Kaiqi's standardized product strategy aims to establish a standardized product library through the overall scene, outdoor games, theme playground, classic playground, sports expansion, indoor playground, etc., and to classify different series of module products, so as to help customers to select products more quickly and more accurately and to proceed the implementation of the project.



Kaiqi  has always attached great importance to environmental protective production.Ecowood series takes green materials as the core concept, integrates natural beauty in the design, not only applies to the principle of environmental protective production, but also reflects the novel and avantgarde modern design, which can meet the use demand of different scenarios.


The playground is designed with "elk" as the main body. It creates a game atmosphere through the elk, so that the children can immerse themselves into the story, and have an immersive play experience of a forest carnival party with the elk. Children get fully exercised and improve the courage to explore the unknown colorful world while playing. Sensory and cognitive experience such as climbing, sliding and swinging can satisfy the gameplay progression from small to large, from simple to complex of the single playground equipment.


Welcome to the Sail Ship World! Here, you can experience the mysterious pirate world and challenge a variety of pirate adventure facilities. Whether it is a slide to explore the treasure, or the pirate cable net course, you will fully experience the excitement and fun! Tall stainless steel slide is made of high quality durable 304 stainless steel material in bright color. The slide design is unique, with the characteristics of moderate slope and fast sliding, so that the children can feel the stimulation and fun in playing.






Concept Of Playground Equipment

On December 30, 2011, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China and China National Standardization Administration jointly issued the national standard GB / t27689 2011 children's Playground equipment, which has been officially implemented since June 1, 2012.
Since then, China has ended the history of no national standards for playground equipment, and officially determined the name and definition of playground equipment at the national level for the first time.
The playground equipment means the equipment for kids 3-14 years old to play without power by electric, hydraulic or pneumatic device, they are composed of functional parts like climber, slide, crawl tunnel, ladders and swing and fasteners. 
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