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Games for kindergarten with safety play components good for young kids
Games for kindergarten with safety play components good for young kids

Games for kindergarten with safety play components good for young kids

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2 weeks

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30% deposit, the rest pay before delivery

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300sets per month

1、 What are the benefits of playing slide

1. Promote the development of baby's touch, let the baby experience the difference of touch in the process of playing all kinds of slides, and promote the development of touch.

2. The slide is the baby's initial feeling of "speed". Different length, slope of the slide to the baby's speed experience is different, most of the baby's initial feeling of speed comes from the process of playing the slide. Through the acceleration and deceleration to provide vestibular system stimulation, so that the children's neural pathway smooth, feel the increase and decrease of speed, get endless fun.

3. Exercise coordination ability and enhance body control. From the slide process, the baby needs to master their own balance and speed, get the body coordination ability exercise.

4. Promote the development of sports. Children who often play on slides have good balance ability, because they learn to judge the relationship between themselves and the ground, so as to establish a sense of balance and form the concept of visual space. Good balance is the basis of sports ability.

Post:All upright posts are to be schedule Galvanized steel with a 114mm OD and 2.2mm thickness of the tubing.
Posts are to be finished with a baked on powder coat finished. Electro- statically applied polyester powder has a tough finish with maximum durability.
Panels, decks, roofs, slides:Imported Samsung LLDPE
Bright color, uniform thickness and high strength plastic part (Standard GB/T 4454-1996).
Food-grade LLDPE provides children a much safer, healthier, and happier paradise for children's growth.
Used for assembly shall be stainless steel 304.


Schools, parks, resorts, hotels, apartment, community, daycare, children hospitals, restaurant, supermarket


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