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Solid wood playground equipment made by Chinese factory
Solid wood playground equipment made by Chinese factory

Solid wood playground equipment made by Chinese factory

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4 weeks

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30% deposit, the rest pay before delivery

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100sets per month

It’s a playground with several rope tunnels, kids shall crawl through those tunnels and slide down. Climbing can help children's all-round development from many aspects. Climbing activities need children to mobilize all parts of the body to coordinate the operation, and the comprehensive cooperation of hands, feet, eyes and body. Children's climbing skills can promote the coordination of children's body, making them more flexible and responsive. Whenever a child climbs to a new place, the change of distance and height will bring a new feeling and body face to the child's vision, which will not only help to cultivate the child's concept of space, but also help the child to observe the environment from a new angle. Therefore, climbing can not only practice movement skills, promote physical development, but also explore the environment. Moreover, climbing is also a way for children to try to understand their living environment. In the process of climbing, the children will get a lot of fun from it, so the children will feel that the movement of climbing away from the ground is very interesting, so they will practice repeatedly.
It's through their repeated attempts that children gradually overcome difficulties, accumulate their faces and improve their skills. Bravery and self-confidence will not come out of thin air. It's through their repeated attempts that they carry out self-training to cultivate their indomitable and resolute spirit and lay the initial foundation for their individual struggle spirit when they grow up. It’s widely used in kindergarten, parks, resorts and camping.

Post and deck:There are 3 choices of the solid wood: American Southern pine, Finland wood or Indonesia rosewood. The size of the post is 100*100mm. 
Guardrail, barrier, panel, roof, stairGalvanized steel
Fabricated from stainless steel in compliance with the safety standard. It’s blasted to make sure the surface is smooth.
Used for assembly shall be stainless steel 304.


Schools, parks, resorts, hotels, apartment, community, daycare, children hospitals, restaurant, supermarket, camping


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