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Sensory training toy big gyro for kids to sit in and rotate

Sensory training toy big gyro for kids to sit in and rotate

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2 weeks

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30% deposit, balance pay before delivery

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300 sets per month

The sensory training to children is not only a physiological function training, but also a training to coordinate the relationship among the psychological, brain and body. This rotate gyro will help the sensory training as following: 

Function: the big gyro is a kind of whole body rotation, which can help vestibular feeling, balance feeling, limbs coordination, etc. It is helpful to strengthen the coordination between vestibule and vision, and to control the position, visual space and eyeball rotation, and effectively cultivate the ability of sports planning. It can give children various stimuli such as vision, hearing, smell, touch, joint, muscle, vestibule, etc. at the same time, and combine these stimuli with exercise. It has obvious effect on improving children's attention concentration, ability of movement coordination and improving learning achievement. It can not only promote the development of sensory system, but also enhance self-confidence and self-control ability. It can also enhance the input of sensory information, especially the input of vestibular stimulation, promote the coordination of sensory perception, and thus improve the brain function, which is very helpful for children with ADHD and loneliness.

Training time: 4-10 laps at the beginning, and then gradually increased to 10-20 laps each time. According to the situation, it will be twice a week.

Future impact:

1. Prevent or improve the dizziness symptoms such as carsickness, seasickness and elevator in life;

2. Improve the children fear of heights, dare not walk uneven road and other phenomena.

Training methods:

Method 1 basic play

Children sit at the bottom of the gyro, hold both sides of the gyro with both hands, rotate freely to the left or right, or the guide is on the side to assist in rotation. The speed should not be too fast, it is appropriate to turn one circle in about 2-3 seconds. It can be turned to the left first, then turn to the right after a pause, or turn left several times continuously, and then turn to the right several times. The speed of rotation can also be changed appropriately.


Schools, parks, resorts, hotels, apartment, community, daycare, children hospitals, restaurant, supermarket


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