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Family Entertainment Center

KAIQI focuses on children's families and provides family-wide entertainment services and non-powered amusement facilities to create a social amusement space for the family that integrates children's play interaction, knowledge acquisition, and family information sharing.
Here, not only children can play happily, but parents can also participate in it to achieve mutual education and interaction. Cage uses innovative technology amusement equipment, through fun sports facilities and immersive scene design, to create both leisure and travel functions. , A one-stop multi-generation family entertainment center suitable for all age groups and multi-community consumption needs.


The family entertainment center allows children to increase their knowledge in fun, gain happiness in companionship, and exercise in sports. KAIQI focuses on the characteristics of family sharing, intellectuality, and entertaining, from nature, science, sports and many other aspects. Create parent-child amusement projects, so that the whole family can enjoy a good time together.

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