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Yanlong Sports Park The first big ecological sports park in North of Jiangsu

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With the theme of "water rhyme, forest wind, sports and fitness", Yanlong sports park has built indoor gymnasium, outdoor playground, children's playground and other sports and fitness projects. At the same time, it creates exquisite garden landscape. It is a charming urban sports and cultural tourism business card of Yandu.

Entrance Square

The entrance comprehensive Square work as the presentation of the Park’s logo and also play a role in bypass flow of visitors. 

Children’s playground Area

Torch Tower
The torch has a strong symbolic significance. It shows the theme of the Olympic relay. It is a popular visiting spot with various functions and interests. It is suitable for parent-child interaction and development of all ages.

Go through Five-ball
This playground equipment is designed in the theme of different balls such as basketball, football, volleyball,rugby, tennis, let children know the trend of competitive sports and experience sports.

Water play game

Children can't help playing with water to release their nature.

Cube climber and slide
There are a few cubes in the climber that encourage kids to go through the cube maze and climb up, then slide. There are some activity play panels around the slide. Kids can get the exercise on physical and improve their hand-on ability.  

The children's play center created by Kaiqi group in the park not only provides children with a place for leisure and entertainment and parent-child interaction, but also allows children to get close to nature, enjoy sports, strengthen their physique and walk with happiness.

There are more wonderful than these. You can experience it in person and jointly feel the green ecological sports space carrying cultural, ecological, social and other functions.