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To design kids’ play space like this, they don’t want to go home

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Children are the flowers of a country
Childhood is the simplest and curious stage
The innocent childhood needs us to guard together

In the diversified era, the design of children's play space is influenced by many factors, but no matter which factor, practicability and functionality are the ultimate goal of the design.


The influence of children's behavior psychology on Design

Innocence, simplicity and nature are the inherent psychological characteristics of children. The demand and response to children's playground design are more direct and have a great impact on their character.

Children's behavior is affected by various factors in the environmental space, such as the scale of space, the size of furniture, the lighting effect of space, etc. the design of functional and practical children's play space can promote children's healthy and happy growth.


Influence of functional and practicability of children’s space on design

Smooth and transparent space can make children feel open. Square space such as rectangle is relatively solemn for children, while circular shape space makes children more relaxed and free.


The significance of color elements to children's psychology

The influence of color on children in children's playground is multifaceted. Color affects children's intellectual development, emotional change and children's personalized development, so the application of color in space is also very important in the design of children’s playground.

In the design of children's play space, creating a lively and active environment through color matching is the most suitable place for children.


The relationship between Thematic elements and the significance of children's psychology

The theme of children's recreation area is reflected through various shapes, and children's feelings should be reflected in vision and content.

The combination of environmental theme and certain modeling and artistic design performance can attract children's attention, increase their participation, and improve their imagination and creativity.

The most important design principle of children's play space is to see the world from the perspective of children. Designers must return to "children's fun" before they can design a dream paradise truly suitable for children.