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Nature creates childhood happiness for children

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Speaking of childhood, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
My childhood was running wild with my companions, helping in the fields, shaved ice cubes with a small hoe, hide-and-seek in the pile of fallen leaves...
Treading water, playing in the mud, throwing sandbags, rolling hoops, mountains, fields, rivers, and bamboo forests are all childhood figures. Every corner of life is full of childhood happiness.

In the sandpit or in the water

Both sand and water are very common materials in nature. The delicate touch, graininess, fluidity and variability of the sand itself will bring rich feelings to children. It is the best way for children to contact and feel the nature.

Water is colorless, tasteless and invisible, but through various materials, such as the shaping of pipes, water will become various interesting shapes, making children feel full of fun.

On the tree

Froebel, a German educator and founder of modern preschool education, said, “Climbing a tree is like opening a brand new world for children!”

Children are born to like to climb trees. They test their abilities and challenge themselves by constantly reaching various heights. For children, every climb is a gorgeous adventure.

Under the eaves, at the corner of the stairs

Children seem to always like to get under the eaves, tents, and staircase corners. These warm, comfortable, and quiet spaces are actually places for children to adjust their emotions, release their inner pressure, reflect on their behavior, and find spiritual belonging.

When children's psychological needs to be relieved and revealed, they need a mysterious cabin that belongs only to them.

In the mud pit

Children are naturally attracted to mud pits, mud, etc. Many people's beautiful childhood memories will definitely have scenes of playing mud.

It is not only fun, but also allows children to grow and develop from chaos and mud, such as harvesting happy emotional experience, developing creativity and imagination, improving concentration, and enhancing immunity.

For children, mud pits also have a healing superpower. Children experience the sensation of pressing their legs and feet on the ground, helping them relax their foot muscles and regain confidence in their own strength.

In the field

Children themselves are the son of nature. When they enter the natural environment to discover and explore, they will be immersed in the experience of close contact with nature.

Catching fish, catching loach, netting dragonflies, planting seeds, harvesting rice, and observing snails, children touch and admire a small animal in the field, see what it looks like, and measure how long it is.

The famous preschool educator Mr. Chen Heqin said: "Nature is our treasure house of knowledge, and the society is our life treasure house and our living teaching materials." Children not only learn about nature in such vivid and interesting play, but also gain, learned and experienced in many aspects.

In a challenging place

Children like adventure and challenging games. It is important to have a little bit of danger in a space belonging to children. These small adventures give children the ability to protect themselves and let them know that even if they may be injured, they are learning and growing.

The trail of children is everywhere, there are children everywhere. To create a colorful, kaleidoscope-like happy childhood for children is the constant original intention and perseverance of Kaiqi people. The beautiful childhood memories of children are full of dreams, full of innocence, and full of happy companionship in Kaiqi Paradise.