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Kaiqi starting up the business of amusement industry, safety is the most important

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Safety is an important premise of the operation of amusement parks.Not only for large amusement parks, even for some small amusement parks or children’s playground, there are also some hidden dangers. Every year, we see many children suffering related injuries reported in the media. During the children play, the amusement equipment operators should operate strictly according with standards, but the amusement equipment products purchased must be safe and qualified.

The adult’s accompany is necessary when the child playing in the playground. The adult should make sure that children are using playground equipment properly and there is no unsafe behavior to prevent injury. If an injury does happened, an adult nearby can quickly help to save the child. Young children don’t have the ability to foresee danger, while the elder children are like to push their limits, so it’s really important to have an adult accompanied to control and prevent accidents.

Then what the adults should pay attention during accompanying the children playing in the playground park. If it is usually accompanied by the elderly, please be patient to convey: First of all, adults should ensure that they can clearly see the children playing on the equipment.Before the child goes to play on the selected play equipment, the adult need generally observe the play equipment to see if there are serious problems, such as battery play equipment if anything is missing, battery leakage etc. Secondly, you should know whether some young children are suitable for playing on the equipment.Some amusement equipment has age requirements, which needs to be carefully paid attention to.
Besides,there are also following points that adults should check before allowing children playing:
1.The space for the equipment, make sure the space is safe for children’s head,arms or any other body part.Devices with moving machinery should be especially careful to check for possible pinching or squeezing of a child’s fingers.
2.Checking if there are some cracks in wooden equipment,for the metal playground equipment should not be rust, and also need to make sure there are no protruding parts like s-shaped hooks, bolts, sharp metal edges, etc. These sharp or tangled things can often hurt children.
3.In addition, make sure there are no loose or damaged parts on the playing equipment, and there are no signs of damage to the part that the child crabs.If a playground has a sandbox, it should also be generally checked for the dangerous debris such as sharp sticks or broken glass or even for uncovered sandboxes. (contamination with animal feces)

Of course the children need adult’s special supervision, but as an operator party also need special attention. The warning signs and playing rules must be marked out brightly, alert everyone to play.In terms of outdoor playground equipment safety, we must also purchase qualified an powerful manufacturers such as KAIQI PLAYGROUND IS A GOOD CHOICE.