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Kaiqi playground built friendly play zone in communities for children to enjoy their childhood

Time :2021-08-06 09:30:11 Hits : 16

Remember the days when you were a child, swinging, climbing trees and running crazy? Even a small open space hides the possibility of infinite happiness.
How can a community children's playground capture the children's attention and stimulate their imagination and creativity?

Kaiqi designing team hopes that children will have a consistent memory point here, and use playground equipment as the carrier to connect the interaction between family or friends in the space, strengthen the connection between people and become an emotional bond between a family or even several families.

Kaiqi aims to build a community play space environment that respect children, completes the reconstruction and activation of public space in a child friendly community by the means of urban design.

At the same time, with the concept of space education, actively guide children's values and behavior, conduct overall design of community space, and create a new play environment for children to meet the diverse needs of community children.

Children have a certain need to explore and experience the nature, they prefer the outdoor activities such as ball games, running and water play that are more related to sports.

Through a series of designs that are children friendly play space, Kaiqi constantly improve the life quality of community children. Provide them a community play space where they can enjoy the joyful childhood, learn and grow with parents, cultivate creativity to meet future challenges. 

The community play space shall fully consider children’s need of get close to nature, appropriately integrate artistic elements to provide children with a fun based learning experience, such as setting up children's educational games and exploring the roof, so as to make children's exclusive space more valuable and educational.

In the future, Kaiqi will continue to explore a scientific, diversified and innovative space environment, create a friendly growth community for children, let children play happily in interesting designs, and constantly create new scenes and new experiences of residential recreation.