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Kaiqi helps preschool children develop in an all-round way and stimulates children's curiosity about the world

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Piaget, a Swiss psychologist, believes that game is a form of thinking, and the essence is that assimilation exceeds adaptation.
During the game, children have a deeper understanding of knowledge and the world, so as to promote their mental maturity, emotional enrichment and physical enhancement.

For children, the environment except home is a strange space atmosphere. Kaiqi team gives the kindergarten the same comfortable and warm atmosphere as home through a series of interesting, lively and vivid creative forms.
Only when children live and study in such an environment can they really resonate with the environment and relax.

Kaiqi makes the kindergarten space a better place for children's entertainment, sports, experience, interaction and communication through creative and exquisite design and layout, so as to promote the healthy growth of children.
The recreation space is well connected with the outdoor environment. The simple lines, original wood colors and different types of playground equipment show the care for children's growth everywhere.

Kaiqi provides children with a richer recreation atmosphere and stimulates children's interesting exploration of the world through the design language of natural and structural integration.
Different forms of combined slide creative modeling inject children's interest into the space, stimulate children's desire for sports, exercise balance and the spirit of daring to take risks.

Water and sand will never be  out-of-date toys in children's eyes. They not only meet children's sensitive period of playing sand and space, but also maximize the use of space.

By creating a simple and natural educational space, children can perceive and think between movement and stillness, and experience and explore between stillness and cheerfulness.
The beauty of education often exists inadvertently and in nuances. Kaiqi makes the amusement space environment a tool for early childhood education and brings different temperatures to children's childhood.

Children are curious about the world. It is Kaiqi's invariable original intention to show children a comfortable and friendly environment through design language, let children grow up healthily and happily, and take care of children's nature and childhood.