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Kaiqi group is pleased to move to the new R&D office building

Time :2021-08-06 15:05:02 Hits : 21

2021 is the Centennial birthday of the Communist Party of China. It is also the 26th year for Kaiqi to go through trials and hardships, thrive and compete bravely.
The Wenzhou headquarters of Kaiqi group work together with Shanghai Kaiqi Global marketing center, create more opportunities and best conditions for enterprise development, concentrate industrial advantages, technical advantages and talent advantages, and inject new strength into the development of Playground equipment industry.

Witnessed by Chairman Zhang Dingchang, President Quan Ning and employees of Kaiqi group, the new R&D office building relocation ceremony was successfully completed.

Kaiqi hopes to build the new R& D office building into a "Kaiqi home", which is not only the workplace of employees, but also an ideal world for a group of like-minded partners to pursue their dreams together, and listen to Kaiqi's voice with the world.